Tekkers or Silks?

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Should Mikel Arteta be eligible to play for England? Should Alan Pardew have got the sack from Southampton? Is £1,200 enough money to be paid to sleep with Wayne Rooney? There are plenty of big debates raging in football right now, but none more important and more hotly disputed than the Tekkers v Silks debate!

Those of you who watch Soccer AM will know by now that some tekkers are good, some tekkers are bad… but some tekkers are unbelievable!

Unbelievable Tekkers Spotflick

Each week Soccer AM, the Saturday-morning football-based comedy/talk show on Sky One, highlights these unbelievable examples of technique and praise the players who have the ability to produce them at the highest level.

They like tekkers. And so do I. So much so in fact that I even included Tekkers in Spotflick – the penalty shoot out game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If you display good technique and flick a penalty past one of the talented goalkeepers caricatured in the game then you will receive a congratulatory message like the one shown below.

Tekkers Spotflick Penalty Shoot Out Game

Nuff said. But unfortunately not everyone is a fan! England captain Rio Ferdinand has been doing his best to introduce the word silks in place of tekkers. The Manchester United star has been furiously tweeting everyone and his dog including the right honourable Sky Sports freshman Ben Shephard about replacing tekkers.

Rio has previous in this department. He famously, and ultimately disastrously, did his best to replace Punk’d with Merk’d. But the less we mention that unsavoury affair the better. But now he has gone too far trying to replace Tekkers with the nonsensical Silks.

Show your support for Tekkers by not only getting your copy of Spotflick or Spotflick Lite from the iTunes App Store now, but also tweet your support for Tekkers on Twitter and help us teach these Premiership footballers, that they can sleep with our women and take our money, but they will never take…….our Tekkers!

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