Congratulations Luca!

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Congratulations to Spain for winning Euro 2012 last night with a 4-0 win over Italy. But Italy can take heart from the fact that one of their fans took home a prize last night. Italy fan Luca Giacomelli posted an impressive score of 528,000 in Arcade Mode of Spotflick, showing that it is not only his countries football team that has impressive penalty kick skills, but their fans are also quite handy as well. Luca has won the England shirt signed by Paul Gascoigne.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and keep checking back to the Spotflick blog to see when the next competition will take place. Till then, you can still keep practicing your penalty kick skills with Spotflick and post your scores on to show the world that even if your team can’t take penalties (listen up English fans) their fans can!

Free Penalty Shoot Out Game for the iPhone out now!

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Spotflick Lite, the free flick to kick penalty shoot out game for the iPhone, has just been updated and is available for download from the App Store now. The fun and exciting game now features even more of the world’s greatest goalkeepers for players to pit their penalty taking skills against.

Spotflick Lite also gives you the chance to win a great footballing prize during the Euro 2012 football championships. Play the game in Arcade mode and score as many points as you can, scoring goals and hitting bonus targets, and then post your score to the Spotflick website and you could win an England shirt signed by Paul Gascoigne. A real tear jerker of a prize!

To find out more about the competition and also more about Spotflick and Spotflick Lite, the best flick to kick penalty shoot out games on the App Store, go to It is just about the most footballing fun you can have with an iPhone!

Win an England shirt signed by Gazza

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To celebrate the long overdue update to Spotflick and the kick off in the 2012 European Championships in Poland and Ukraine, Spotflick has decided to run a little competition to give something back to the finger flicking faithful. During Euro 2012, if you download or update Spotflick you will be able to enter a competition to win an England shirt signed by English footballing enigma Paul Gascoigne.

Simply play the game in Arcade Mode and then follow the instructions on screen when posting your high score and you could be the lucky spotflicker who walks away with Gazza’s tear drenched shirt*. If you want to find out more about the competition you can visit the Spotflick website, or simply just download the App and give it a go. For only 69p it would be rude not to.

*Please note that it is not the same shirt he wore the night he cried in Italy. He dd give me that shirt but it stank so I washed it and the signature came off. Damn you Vanish Oxi Action!

Spotflick 3.0 is out now!

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The Spotflick Blog has seen less action of late than the marital bed of John Terry so it is with great delight that I can finally post again with something vaguely newsworthy. Spotflick has just been updated and version 3.0 is available to download from the App Store now. Your favourite flick to kick penalty shoot out game for the iPhone has just got even better so get yourself over to the App Store and download the update now in order to make your Spotflicking experience even more finger flicking good.

Spotflick Screenshot

Spotflick now features even more goalkeeping talent than before as the chairman has loosened the purse strings and allowed me to dip into the transfer market for the first time in a few years. We have made fewer signings than David Moyes recently, but we are hoping our latest additions will be more akin to Nika Jelavic rather than . So with our new signings on board that means there are over 20 of the best shot stoppers the world has ever seen crammed into the App. And Spotflick now has Retina Display graphics so crisp that you could shave David Seaman’s tashe off with them, if he hadn’t already shaved it off. We have also made a significant addition to the back room staff with Conor Winders and his craic team of flickers at RedWind Software coming on board. They have managed to weed out a lot of the negative influences from behind the scenes in the App that were causing it to crash and under perform.

Spotflick Screenshot

The game still features 3 modes of penalty flicking action, including Arcade, Practice and Spotflick Cup Mode,  and is still the most footballing fun you’ll have had with your iPhone. Well, at least since you bought Score! Classic Goals. Which I hear is meant to be very good. But why not try Spotflick as it is pretty good as well. Honest. Go to to find out more.

Congratulations iPhoneGamerUK!

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As well as a flurry of dramatic penaltyu kicks, the weekend also saw the conclusion of the Spotflick Competweetion to win a Real Madrid shirt signed by Iker Casillas. Over the last few weeks, Spotflickers from around the world have been battling it out for the  exclusive prize.

Spotflick Real Madrid Iker Casillas Penalty Kick Competition

So when the competition ended last night the person with the highest score was Adrian Smith, better known as @iPhoneGamerUK, who just so happens to run the iPhone App review site – iPhone Gamer UK. Adrian showed some excellent Spotflicking Tekkers by posting a score of 393,500 and is now the proud owner of a signed Real Madrid shirt. Although being a Spurs fan I am not sure how happy he was to win!

Spotflick Penalty Shoot Out Game

If you would like to see if you have what it takes to score a penalty past Iker Casillas or any number of goalkeeping greats that have been assembled in Spotflick – the flick to kick penalty shoot out game for the iPhone – then go to to find out more.

Football Pays the Penalty!

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It was a big weekend in football and penalty kicks for many reasons. There was a Manchester derby in London, which saw City defeat United 1-0 in the FA Cup semi-final and set up a FA Cup Final date with Stoke, who dismissed Bolton 5-0. There was a crucial game in the Premiership between Arsenal and Liverpool which ended in a dramatic 1-1 draw with two injury time penalties, with Dirk Kuyt scoring from the spot in the 102nd minute to put a serious dent in Arsenal’s title hopes. It also saw the latest installment of El Clasico in Madrid as Barcelona took on Real Madrid

Real Madrid Spotflick Penalty Kick iPhone App

A late penalty from Cristiano Ronaldo earned Real madrid a draw in the Bernabeu after Lionel Messi had opened the scoring with a penalty of his own in the 52nd minute. The result kept alive Real’s slim hopes of wrestling the La Liga title back from Barcelona who currently have an 8 point lead over their fierce rivals. The sides will meet again on Wednesday in the final of the Copa del Rey and also in the semi-finals of the Champions League, so let’s hope for more penalty kick action like we saw over the weekend.

Spotflick Penalty Shoot Out Game iPhone Iker Casillas

If you would like to see if you have what it takes to score a penalty past goalkeeping greats like Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas then why not download a copy of Spotflick from the iTunes App Store for only 59p. Go to for more information.

Win a Signed Real Madrid Shirt with Spotflick

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Spotflick – the flick to kick penalty shoot out game for the iPhone and iPod Touch – is planning on giving people another reason to play the game that was voted one of the Top 5 Apps of 2010 by the UK’s top-selling newspaper, The News of the World.

Spotflick iPhone Twitter Competition

Spotflick already gives you the opportunity to hone your penalty kicking skills against some of the best goalkeepers the world has ever seen, in three modes of glorious 2D animated footballing fun. However, from March 11th 2011 you will be able to turn your finger flicking prowess into a fantastic prize. Spotflick is running a Twitter based competition, or compe-tweet-ion (sorry – the Gaffer) that will give players of the addictive football game the chance to win a Real Madrid jersey signed by Spanish goalkeeping legend – Iker Casillas.

In order to enter the competition simply download Spotflick from the iTunes App Store and play the game in Arcade Mode and try and score as many points as you can, by beating the array of goalkeeping talent that has been assembled to test your penalty flicking skills to their limits. Score as many penalties as you can, and also hit runaway dogs, rowdy fans, space hoppers and scantily clad women to score bonus points and give yourself the best chance to claim the prize.

Spotflick iPhone Twitter Competition Signed Real Madrid Jersey

To submit your score you must enter your Twitter username into the Text Box in Spotflick at the end of your game which will then be published on the High Scores Table on the Spotflick website. The player who posts the highest score at the end of the Competition will win the Real Madrid Shirt signed by Spain’s World Cp winning captain Iker Casillas. Players can enter the competition as many times as they like, but there can only be one winner. So get spotflicking!

Spotflick iPhone Twitter Competition Signed Real Madrid Shirt

In case you are wondering why I am using Twitter, it is simply because Spotflick currently has no way of verifying who the player who posts high scores is, but entering your Twitter user name means you can be contacted if you win the prize.

Don’t have a Twitter account? Then click here to go to Twitter and set up your account for free. All you need is a valid e-mail address. Don’t worry if don’t fancy the whole Tweeting thing. Signing up doesn’t mean that you then have to tell everyone about every amusing shaped vegetable or bowel movement you experience every day. You can just use your account to enter the competition and then never tweet again. Or you might find you like it so feel free to fill your boots after the competition is over.

The competition will start at midnight GMT on 11th March when the High Scores table will be reset allowing you to easily see who is currently in the lead. The competition will end at midnight GMT on 17th April 2011, the same day as the El Clásico derby match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Bernabéu in Madrid.

The winner will be contacted on Monday 18th April by direct message on Twitter. In the event of a tie the people with the top scores will be contacted by direct message on Twitter and terms of the tie break will be discussed.

You can follow Spotflick on Twitter to be kept up to date with all the latest competition scores and other news.

Good luck to everyone and happy tweeting and spotflicking!

Click here for full competition terms and conditions.

Carling Nations Cup Kicks Off

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The Carling Nations Cup kicked off last night in Dublin, with Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland taking on Gary Speed’s Wales, in what was the former Welsh internationals first game as gaffer of the Taffs. And it don’t go according to plan for the former Leeds Utd, Everton, Newcastle, Bolton and Sheffield Utd great. Wales went down 3-0 to the Italian Irish, with goals from Gibson, Duff and Fahey doing the damage.

Spotflick Carling Nations Cup Wales iPhone Penalty Kick Game Ireland

It was a good start to what promises to be a very interesting tournament, involving all of the home nations, except England of course, as they would rather play Denmark. Probably due to Fabio’s desire to sneek a cheeky visit to Legoland in after the game.

But despite England’s absence we can still expect a great tournament with Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland battling it out for the title of the best team in the British Isles and Ireland, besides England. Maybe England were afraid of another humbling at the hands of Northern Ireland like they did in the 2006 World Cup Qualifier in Belfast.

England Spotflick Northern Ireland Nations Cup Penalty Kick iPhone Game

Northern Ireland begin the defence of their British Home Nations Championship crown this evening against Scotland, so here’s hoping that Norn Iron can relive the glory days of 1983-84 when they last brought the title back to Belfast.

Norn Iron Spotflick Penalty Kick iPhone Game Carling Nations Cup

If you are wanting to relive some glory days of the past or practice your penalty flicking skills during the Carling nations Cup then download your copy of Spotflick – the flick to kick penalty shoot out game for the iPhone, featuring goalkeeping greats from all of the home nations. Go to for more details.

Spotflick is Finger Flickin’ Good!

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Christmas is a time for miracles and in keeping with this tradition I am delighted to inform you that Spotflick – the flick to kick penalty shoot out game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – has just been voted one of the Top 5 Apps of 2010 by none other than the top selling newspaper in the UK – The News of the World!


News of the World Top 5 Apps

(sadly the NOTW is now a pay-to-view site so you need to log-in to see the article. Sorry. On the plus side if you do log in you get to see footgae of Liz Hurley and Shane Warne’s elicit tryst)

Being selected in the Top 5 Apps of the year means that Spotflick rubs shoulders with such heavyweights of the iTunes App Store as Angry Birds and Grand Theft Auto – Chinatown Wars. It also means that the News of the World consider Spotflick to be the best Football game on the App Store this year, beating people like EA Sports FIFA 2010 and a host of other major footballing titles released for the World Cup in South Africa. Nice.

Football iPhone Penalty Kick Game

If you want to see what all of the fuss is about why don’t you give the game a try yourself and find out if you think it is ‘finger flicking good’ too! Click here to visit the Spotflick website to find out more or click here to go straight to iTunes and download the game now for only 59p! It is just about the most footballing fun you can have with an iPhone…unless you are Ashley Cole!

Merry Flickin’ Christmas!

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With only 16 shopping days to go till Christmas I am sure that some of you are panicing and wondering what presents you still need to buy before December 25th. Spotflick – the flick to kick penalty shoot out game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is planning on making your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier this year. I have designed an exclusive range of Spotflick merchandise in order to help you get your friends or loved ones special extra something this Christmas.

Football iPhone Game Store

Like, the very witty and amusing ‘I Spotflicked Your Mum’ T-Shirt, available in a range of colours and sizes. It is the perfect gift to kick start some conversation during those pregnant pauses during Christmas dinner when Granny inadvertently breaks wind.

Football iPhone Game Christmas Baseball T-Shirt

Or what about a Spotflick T-Shirt featuring all of the goalkeeping talent that you can pit your penalty flicking wits against in the fun football game for the iPhone. For those of you who already own Spotflick and have defeated all of the goalies you will notice that there is one goalkeeper missing – the best goalkeeper of all time! If you want to find out who this is you will just have to buy the game! Anyway, the T-Shirt comes in three colours and I can even vouch for this one as I have one myself, and even the boys at Soccer AM have one.Well worth a look.

Football iPhone Game Christmas T-Shirt

After something for the wife? What better way to treat the missus to something special this Christmas than with a rather fetching pair of Spotflick pants. As the site says, these pants are where sexy meets comfy. Indeed.

Football iPhone Game Spain

But if you after some stocking fillers, then we also have a good range of other Spotflick items such as trucker-hats, travel mugs, cups, stickers and mousemats. What says Christmas more than a mousemat with a Columbian goalkeeper getting outfoxed by a penalty kick?

Football iPhone Game Christmas Gifts

Go to the Spotflick CafePress Store to see the full range of exclusive Spotflcik merchandise available and get your orders in now so that you avoid the rush and make sure that your gifts arrive before Santa does. Or if you fancy a unique design made up of your favourite goalkeeper or spotflicker e-mail me and let me know what you are after and I can create you something exclusively just for you this festive period. You can view the full array of spotflicker downloads here. Choose your country and use the legendary player to clikc your country to spotflick glory and then get them on some merchandise to keep for posterity.

Spotflick iPhone Football Game

Or why not get yourself an iTunes Voucher and gift a copy of Spotflick this year. It is will be the most flickin’ fun you can have this Christmas, unless you are planning on photocopying your arse at the office Christmas party, which goes without saying is more fun.

Whatever presents you end up buying, have a flickin’ great Christmas and New Year.